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Sober Group Travel Reviews

Sobriety is an epic adventure! Life can be celebrated in the most memorable, tasteful, and outrageously fun way without alcohol. Experiencing once in a lifetime vacations and creating treasured memories in the scrapbook of the heart has been our goal since 2001. Traveling with people who have this same goal creates a feeling of ease and comfort. At Sober Celebrations, we offer authentic, carefully planned group vacations with the needs of every guest in mind. For more information about our sobriety cruises, check out our testimonials from past travelers.


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you do! I've been meaning to write you since the cruise last year. We love to travel and after he became sober, it was a bit nerve wracking for him to think of travel being surrounded by temptations and not having support. The cruise last year was a huge gift for us. It was the first big trip we'd taken since he started his recovery and it was so nice to be able to travel with a group who were all on the same path (no pun intended!)

You do a great service and I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for doing it! The cruise last year was one of the most memorable vacations we've ever had. It was nice to see Wayland relax and have a really good time. We had a good time in Alaska too and look forward to our vacation to either China or the Mediterranean cruise with you in 2014.
Thanks again and big hugs to you!"

- Brad T.

"I cannot thank you enough for giving us both the fabulous opportunity to travel to the Mediterranean!!! I not sure we would have ever done a trip like that on our own. We had been stuck going to Hawaii because it was familiar and safe. Don't get me wrong, we love Hawaii but it limited our travel experience. I shared my experience at a meeting the other night and two women came up to me and told me how they had a slip on a cruise so I was glad to share with them that sober cruises are available"

- Terry F.

"So, I come home from work yesterday and find the best card in the mail with pics from the cruise! Thank you for that gift and for all the hard work you do to ensure everyone is taken such good care of on your trips. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and and meeting all the fabulous people from North America. This trip was on my bucket list! CHECK! I look forward to more adventures with you in the future."

- Christine S.

"What a wonderful adventure! I really appreciate all your hard work and attention to details. Thanks for the fantastic memories. I'm still digesting everything we saw and did."

- Candace C.

"Our most recent trip has added so much to my memory chest! What a GRAND trip. Among the treats (aside from 5 desserts a day) was seeing travel family members again. I do so very much appreciate your hard work and efforts for all the arrangements you make and do."

- Fred J.

"Thank you so much! The trip to 6 countries was magnificent. We enjoyed every moment. Thank you for the planning it took to put it all together. It has got to be a lot of work to get so much coordinated so perfectly".

- Sherry & Eddie, El Paso, TX